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nutric re-active Lotion

nutric2 re-active lotion for use in case of skin irritation (in combination with an antiperspirant)

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Volume: 30 ml
Product number: 4609
Lasts for: 12-24 months of use

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Nutric2 re-active lotion - for skin irritations

nutric re-active lotion for use in cases of skin irritation (in combination with an antiperspirant). Constant sweating irritates the skin and makes it particularly sensitive. In this situation, the use of antiperspirant products can further irritate the skin. For skin irritations such as redness, itching and burning, the cooling, skin-caring nutric lotion provides relief.

With the skin-caring properties of

  • alpha-bisabolol, main active ingredient of camomile
  • Alatonin
  • Frescolat crystals for cooling effect
  • Sweetgum

Advantages of Nutric re-active Lotion

  • First aid for skin irritations
  • with cooling and skin-soothing ingredients
  • Suitable in combination with an antiperspirant
  • Suitable for the entire body
  • high yield, 30mllast for many months when used axillary
  • dermatologically tested by Dermatest GmbH
  • vegan

Application of Nutric2 re-active lotion

Application areas

Suitable for all skin areas subject to the use of deodorants or antiperspirants. 


nutric2 re-active lotion apply about 15 minutes after using the antiperspirant. Repeat application if necessary.

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